Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi

-Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi-
No matter what your language, cadence, or creed, I'm glad you're here =)

"She's tired of flat lands and cornfields, Seashells traced in snow. She wants more bugs on her windshield, She don't want to go alone...She talks about her waterfall fountain, And her house out on the bay. She's in love with broken glass mountains, Fireplace cafes."

Translation, please!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beauty Like Yours

Beauty is a funny thing
It quirks and surprises
Strengthens and weakens

It can change people and change plans
It can make us brave
It can make us sad.

Sometimes it's a pretty face
Or shape or sculpture or painting
Beauty on the surface

But it can be something deeper
Something vast and lasting
Something that gets in your soul

I -small - sit and watch your creation
Observing, learning, listening,

Beauty like yours deserves attention
Commands praise
Earns adoration

But I - small - sit in silence
Unable to do you justice
Unable to form the words

When Beauty like yours deserves shouts
Of triumph of joy of love
I -small - am only quiet

But what I have
My still tongue, my quiet heart,
My silent reverence, belong to you

Every part of me
Every moment given
To Beauty like yours

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