Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi

-Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi-
No matter what your language, cadence, or creed, I'm glad you're here =)

"She's tired of flat lands and cornfields, Seashells traced in snow. She wants more bugs on her windshield, She don't want to go alone...She talks about her waterfall fountain, And her house out on the bay. She's in love with broken glass mountains, Fireplace cafes."

Translation, please!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Warning: typing under the influence of sleep deprevation

Hello Cyber World =)

This is Netti, it's been a while so I don't know if you'll remember me...

ok. I am a little out of it today[night]. I blame my sister and my dear friend - they bring it out in me.

 Today was pay day, tomorrow is friday, and yesterday marked the twoweeksuntilcalifornia spot on the calendar. So, despite being horribly late to work monday morning, this has been a pretty grand week =)

I am starting guitar lessons on monday. Taking, not teaching - just to clarify. That'd be a pretty train wreck if I taught =P

I am also about to look up archery classes - because I want to learn to hit what I'm aiming at.
I thought I might want to try my hand at hunting [not necessarily specific to bow hunting - just hunting in general]...but I really ought to improve my aim before I give that a go...=P

Anyhow, this is really just a nonsense blog - I am sleepy.

But what I would really like to mention is that I am extraordinarily blessed by my friends. I have beautiful, Godly girlfriends that warm my heart and light up my life. And I have strong, warrior guy friends that always make me smile and bless my life with their brotherly affections [which often induce sudden urges to strangle them...=P] In all seriousness, my friends are undercurrents in my life, always pushing me forward. <3

If you are in need of some lovely people in your life, I can recommend a few ;)

Ok, bed. tomorrow = work, homework, and The Call [if you are in the Salem area, COME! ask me for details =)] Saturday = class, homework, and a shopping excursion. and Sunday = church, chillage, and Timothy Project [thats a rough day to be sure ;P]

Sleep well <3

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