Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi

-Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi-
No matter what your language, cadence, or creed, I'm glad you're here =)

"She's tired of flat lands and cornfields, Seashells traced in snow. She wants more bugs on her windshield, She don't want to go alone...She talks about her waterfall fountain, And her house out on the bay. She's in love with broken glass mountains, Fireplace cafes."

Translation, please!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I've been sick the last few days. And when I am sick [aside from having a pity party 24/7] I generally spend a lot of time underneath hot water trying to steam the germs away, sleeping, halfheartedly watching movies [unless they happen to be some good ol' Brit pics, then it's all or nothing!], and reading.

As it is, this time I've been reading a lot.

Nothing super interesting at all really - easy books to blaze through and pass the time. I honestly couldn't even tell you the titles. But there was something mentioned in one of them, I don't even remember which book, that caught my attention.

A word, just one, stuck in my mind. It's not even a word that's new to me, so I don't know why it hopped and skipped like it did this time, but I looked it up 'cause I was curious how it was defined.

Wanderlust: A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

And then I was curious precisely how Innate is defined.

Innate:1. Existing in one from birth; inborn; native.
2. Inherent in the essential character of something.
I've always described my urge to explore and adventure as mere restlessness. But I like this word, wanderlust, much better. It doesn't have such a discontent connotation, more of a stirring, a call. It sounds kind of ancient, kind of urgent. I like that. 

I like that it's not specific. There are places I would prefer to go because their names alone tug at my heart, but no matter where I am at, I have this longing to see everything there is. Just for the sake of knowing it's there, for the love of discovery and the newness of it.

It doesn't come from a desire to tame or conquer. It come from some part of me that wants to experience this wild, rugged, violent, and beautiful world. And I want to feel a part of it for a time.

Of course, when I get in these moods - actually I'm pretty much always in these moods =P When these moods come more strongly, are felt more violently, I don't tend to think about all of the things I will hate about these new places. Like bugs with wings as big as my face. I hate bugs that fly.
But when I'm outside of my head enough to forget those things, like today, all I can think about is how the good things would outnumber the less than ideal. How that exhilaration you get when you're on an adventure is different than any other emotion.

 And all I want to do is hop a plane or a bus or a train or a bike. I lied, me and biking usually equals blood and bruises. I get distracted.

So there it is, I've got me a case of the Wanderlust and I've got it bad. I might be contagious, but don't worry - it's really not so bad. And if we've all got it, well then I guess I won't have to wander alone =)

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