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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Fight Is...

I have always had a strong reaction to injustice. There is something in me that rears up and I have to fight with myself to make sure I don't act rashly and do more harm than good.

I get angry, I get fearless, I get mean.
I hate things that are unjust, unfair, or just plain not right.

It comes from a desire to protect others and to make things right. There are things in this world that are hideous on the outside alone. And at the center, anyone with a shred of conscience left can see that pure evil resides at its core.

I am working to learn knowledge and gain wisdom, I want to be an asset in this field, not a hindrance, not an 'oops'.
 I want to make a difference, I want to Fight.

This is why I appreciate organizations like My Fight who are taking it upon themselves to stand against poverty by providing a useful service called 'Micro Loans'. Micro Loans are small loans (micro = small...go figure =P) to help people in need. Like one woman they spoke about at a benefit concert I was lucky enough to attend last night. I forget her name, or even where she was from (actually, I'm not entirely sure I knew it to begin with, I couldn't really hear at the beginning) but I remember her story. Sarah (I'm giving her a name because that's easier to read than a whole heap of 'she's and 'her's) makes tortillas for 12hours a day, then sells out of them in 30minutes. So a micro loan of $50 would provide Sarah with a tortilla press, which can double her daily product, which would double her daily income, which doubles her yearly income. Now they didn't say that the micro loan would help Sarah with the extra ingredient costs, but I can only assume that it would - I can't imagine that they wouldn't have thought of that. So this small(micro, hehe =P)loan provides a whole new way of life for Sarah and her family. Just imagine how Sarah could use that to help better the lives of others! Maybe she hires another woman to help her with productivity, and bam! That woman is provided with the means to provide for her family. And so on and so forth.

At this particular benefit concert, I happened to know many of the musicians, as it took place at a local venue. But that doesn't change the message of My Fight. The fact that things like poverty, starvation, human trafficking, slavery (YES these things exist! I cannot stress enough how crucial it is that awareness is raised. Portland, Oregon - a mere hour North of the city I call home - is second only to Seattle, for human trafficking in the US. There is an estimated 14,500 - 17,500 people trafficked into America each year. That is people from foreign soil that are brought to our country, imagine how much the number would jump if our own citizens were counted in it.

These are people. Humans, just like you and just like me. With families and hopes and dreams and souls and spirits and
basic. human. rights. They live and breath. They speak, they fight, they pray, they swear. They are slaves. They are women and children, and even some men, that are captured, and forced into an enterprise that thrives on the backs of pollution. Of greed, and malice. And of Evil.

Doesn't that make your stomach turn?
Good. Mine too.

Please, please please. If you feel like you can't do anything about social issues like the ones I've been describing tonight. Pray.
That is more powerful than I give it credit for some days. Pray.
If you are like me and feel bound by the life you're in now, whether it be school, or finances, or family, or whatever else. Pray. If God means for you to act in the physical sense of the word, He will make an opening for us to dive through. And I think that is a hope we can all hold on to.

My own fight is against injustice and anything else that gets my blood boiling. What's Yours?

P.S. I know this ran kind of long, thank you for reading <3

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