Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi

-Hola, Néih hóu, Bula, Bonjour, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Mogethin, Kia Ora, Hi-
No matter what your language, cadence, or creed, I'm glad you're here =)

"She's tired of flat lands and cornfields, Seashells traced in snow. She wants more bugs on her windshield, She don't want to go alone...She talks about her waterfall fountain, And her house out on the bay. She's in love with broken glass mountains, Fireplace cafes."

Translation, please!

Monday, May 30, 2011


It's 1:30am as I begin writing this blog.

I got back from a party celebrating a friend's birthday about an hour and a half ago, and I can't sleep.

My mind is swirling with thoughts and I find that when I go to bed at times like this, I either have crazy dreams pertaining to the situation, or I just toss and turn and get no rest at all.

I don't know how much of the situation I'm willing to share here online, this is mostly to kill some time until I start yawning, and because I can't find my notebook.

So blogging the night away becomes the next viable option, right?

I'm worried. Actually I think concerned is a better word for it. I'm concerned for some people that I love dearly. Nothing is...urgent...[I think that's the word I'm looking for] but it is concerning.

This is always something that intrudes my sleep time. When something is not right with people I love, it consumes a lot of energy, emotion, and time. And it's worth it, because I love them, but it does suck with the whole no sleep predicament.

I have chosen the crazy dreams in the past, although they don't always happen, and I rarely remember them, not having those dreams is worth staying up until I am so sleepy I crash on my notebook - or keyboard as it is tonight.

All of this to get to the thought that my Jesus is concerned about my friends thousands of times more than I could ever be. And if we follow the logic trail, that means He has that same concern for me. So now that I have yawned, I'm going to go see if I can practice letting go and letting God.

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